Temas para la evaluación de Ingles de 5to A y B

Los temas detallados son para los estudiantes de Flora Zibas.

1.-  Vocabulario de la unidad 6.

2.-  Some

Is there any rice?  Yes, there is some rice.

Are there any cherries?  No, there aren´t any cherries.  There are some strawberries.

3.-  Any

Is there any sugar?  No, there isn´t any sugar.

Are there any tomatoes?  No, there aren´t any tomatoes.

4.-  Preguntas is respuestas

What would you like?  I´d like some tea, pllease.

What´s your favorite food?  My favorite food is pizza.

Would you like some sugar?   Yes, please.  No, thank you.

Can, I have some cheese?  Yes, of course.  Sorry, there isn´t any cheese.